Harry hits the road
Adventures in Love, Labor, and Modern Manhood

How To Purchase the Book:

When you click on the link to purchase the book you will get a screen that looks like this:

Simply, click the button to proceed to the next screen which will appear as follows:

At this screen, you will provide enough information to create your secure login account which will provide your total access to "Harry Hits The Road: Adventures in Love, Labor, and Modern Manhood".

After creating your account you will now be able to enter the Membership area of the site where you will be able to process a payment via credit card or PayPal, as seen below:

Click the button to move to the Status/Payment screen:

You will notice an item titled, "PayPal Payments" that has a "+" next to it. By clicking on the "+" you will expand the menu options. Do this to display the screen below:

At this point you will have a PAYPAL button that you may click on to process your payment securely via a credit card or your personal PayPal account.

In the PayPal screen you may either login in or create a PayPal account or click the link indicating that you don't have an account to pay with a credit card.

When your payment is complete you will be directed back to the "Table of Contents". The first time you access a paid chapter (those besides 1,7,9 and 19) you will get a scree similar (depending on your platform) to the one below:

Enter the username and password you created at the start of this process and you will not be prompted again as you access other chapters.

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