harry hits the road
Adventures in Love, Labor, and Modern Manhood

Harry Hits The Road - Opening Page

Chapter 1: Prince and Pauper

Chapter 2: What Means Ja?

Chapter 3: Leaving Sag Harbor

Chapter 4: Bush #41

Chapter 5: Lobster Trapping

Chapter 6: Torn on the Fourth of July

Chapter 7: High Falling

Chapter 8: I Love Intercourse, PA

Chapter 9: Blue Skies, Black Death

Chapter 10: Mule Skinning

Chapter 11: Sevier Hurt

Chapter 12: Tragic City Rollered

Chapter 13: Rockin' The Redneck Riviera

Chapter 14: The Big Uneasy

Chapter 15: Mickey's Message

Chapter 16: Fiddling Around

Chapter 17: Roughnecking

Chapter 18: Women on the Warpath

Chapter 19: Petrified in the Painted Desert

Chapter 20: California Screamin'

Chapter 21: Pot of Gold: Part 1

Chapter 22: Pot of Gold: Part 2

Chapter 23: Feel More West


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Ending A: Extra! Extra! Needs All About You!

Ending B: Auf Wiedersehen!

Author's Note

Author's Bio: Harry Hurt III

Harry Hurt III